Email Marketing

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system solves the problem of keeping current customers engaged and pulling in new ones.

Who isn’t looking for new customers?

An on-demand system to:

  • Manage email lists
  • Automate marketing activities
  • Target customer segments
  • Provide analytical reporting

Simple to use.

No time consuming set up or computer knowledge required.  Implement our business strategy and become the shop people know and trust.

Be top of mind when the word “accident” is mentioned!

No Accident – No Problem.

We provide an opt-in form on your website or Facebook page. Build relationships with give-a-ways and contests that your community will never want to miss. Opt-in pages with a call to action pull in new advocates for your shop that spread your name in the community.

Influencing human behavior is what technology does best! We’ll show you a simple way to start influencing what your customer does by how you interact with them from the very moment you meet.

The fortune is ALWAYS in the list.

Keep control of your own “Community Prospect” and “Customer List” to market to or contact at the push of a button or your profits will suffer.

Don’t let big companies own your Customer List or your Data! Get your own system now!

Keep your customers for life. Turn them into your biggest fans. Increase your Referral business today.

Our System, along with a great Website and Social Media package are all designed to keep you connected.

Get a complete system, already setup, with all the tools.

*The autoresponder system will abide by the current FTC regulations.