Your Own Customized Dashboard

*Real Time Data
*Monitor Traffic
*Performance Metrics
*Spy On Competitors

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Introducing the BSN (S)earch (E)ngine (O)ptimization Dashboard

  • Access to our proprietary SEO dashboard 24/7 that would normally cost you $99/month with all the features included.
  • An easy step by step guide to navigate you through setting up your web pages using a checklist to mark off as you go.
  • Run an audit of your site and get a report on all SEO issues. Follow the list of tips to fix each one.

Use the system to check up on your SEO provider or fix the problems yourself. Or, you can always hire us to do it all!

Once your SEO is all set up, keep track of the data and continue to enhance your efforts on your own. Dominate the first page of Google and become an authority.

We’ll help incorporate your marketing efforts into a strategic plan to track all the data and ROI.

The SEO Dashboard Includes:

  • Social Media Metrics including your competitors. Be informed when important keywords or names are mentioned. Track your social media ROI by analyzing which channels drive the most traffic and optimize your promotional efforts. Find out how many targeted visitors your social media efforts pull into your website.
  • Internal Link Optimization structure to find out which website page or landing pages perform the best and convert the most visitors.
  • Technical Audits show which pages are negatively affecting your search engine rankings and gives advice on how to fix them.
  • Competitor Analysis tool compares their rankings and shows you exactly what keywords they are ranking ahead of you. Build or change your pages accordingly to start outranking your competitor.
  • Rank Checker Tool checks across 370+ local search engines to get local website ranking data for your website (includes organic search results, ads, videos, images, maps and more).

In addition to the SEO Dashboard

Our team will provide you with ONE Overview Each Month to help your shop understand the reports and how to fix the problems.
We will also provide a Free Report from SpyFu to help you find even more keywords your competitor is ranking high with to help you build more pages or add to your current web pages. With our paid version of SpyFu you will be amazed at what your competitors are doing to take over the top positions on Google.

Now is the time to bring your body shop into the data driven era.

Become the shop at the top!