Tow Back Code

Put your name on every car you repair.  We want them to remember you when they need you again.  With our secret Tow Back Code, you can have your name on every vehicle.  And with our partnership with Tow Companies, we will make it easy for them to deliver a car back to your shop.  Really!

Your membership with BSN will be tied to our new Towing Nation phone app about to go Nationwide. It will be a valuable piece of branding for your shop.

Every towing company on the Towing Nation system will be aware of these codes put on vehicles. Even the towing customer will alert the towing company that their car must be taken to the shop embedded in the code.

The shops name and number will also be viewable without using the code itself and put in a conspicuous place.

The codes and cards will be made available through our system only.

Cards with a pull off sticker can be made to hand out at car shows, sport events, or any community event you attend.   Just be sure to explain to your customers and friends that it is important to know where their car will be going in the case of an accident.