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The Body Shop Nation Directory is here to help you find a body shop in your community that people know, like and trust. Communities are becoming more important to people than ever before. This powerful human shaped-web provides a place to go when friends and family are searching for a neighborhood place to eat, a good deal or even in unfortunate times of need.

Body Shop Nation is helping to bring together businesses in your communities across the US. Most people have no idea how important the independent body shop business is to the economics of your community or even the safety of your car and that's why we are helping collision shops get to know you "before" an accident.

Body Shop Nation was formed to help collision shops concentrate on repairing cars to keep you and your family safe. We also want them to be able to deliver the best customer service as possible by eliminating time-consuming tasks that take away from what they do best. We even help them keep in touch with their communities like never before, so you will know whom to trust when in need.

It won't be long before you know more about the Independent Body Shop in your own neighborhood. When you drive down the street and see an Independent Body Shop, remember they help keep your community involved and thriving. Most of all they make sure your car gets back on the road safely. Kind of an important person to get to know, wouldn't you say!

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