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About Us  

Who We Are

Diane and Don Miller worked within the insurance industry, marketing and body shop management.  Watching industry changes they saw one problem that had to be solved – save the Independent Body Shops across the US. Feeling a need to find a way to help the independent body shop survive they put their heads together. Smaller body shops just don’t have the money or the time to reach new customers. There just had to be a system to service customers, engage them, turn them into evangelists and mobilize activism within their community.

A system was built that requires no computer knowledge or learning curve. It also had to be affordable for every collision shop no matter the size. A proprietary community marketing strategy was added.

  With the BSN system and the alliance partners we create within your community, you can increase every aspect of your shop – from visibility to revenue – in a few, very easy to implement steps all on an affordable monthly plan.

Where We’re Going

Body Shop Nation is moving across the US with a goal to give every Independent Body Shop the tools to become successful in their own right. We will become connectors that this generation of shops will use to inform, inspire and influence their community to become loyal advocates for all businesses. Through community engagement each shop will humanize their marketing efforts. Collision shops embracing this technology now will pave a digital path to find their doors tomorrow.

We’re excited about the future for collision shops. So together, let’s do this!


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    Body Shop Nation
    4032 N. Scottsdale Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    8-5pm M-F, Saturday 8-Noon
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