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BSN implemented a unique way for each customer and every person you meet to have a “Tow Back” code to your shop.  Yes, really!

The system will be tied to our new Towing Nation phone app about to go Nationwide. It will be an invaluable piece of branding for your shop. Every towing company on the Towing Nation system will be aware of these codes put on vehicles. Even the towing customer will alert the towing company that their car must be taken to the shop embedded in the code. The shops name and number will also be viewable without using the code itself and put in a conspicuous place.

Cards with a pull off sticker can be made to hand out at car shows, sport events, or put on a regular business card with a pull off sticker.  Just be sure to explain to your customers and friends that it is important to know where their car will be going in the case of an accident.

The codes and cards will be made available through our system only.




Building an email list for Body Shops today is a must for cultivating relationships in your community and branding your shop name. When you share a link or a promotion on Social Media you might get 10 hits, but when you use an email to direct them to a link you get hundreds. Once people become your followers they become your customers. Investing in email is like interest on your money; it builds over time.

Build your email list and become a community connector now!

Use your email system for both customers and prospects alike.

  • Set up pre-written automatic estimate follow-up emails
  • Send out pre-written repair updates.
  • Embed an online opt-in form on your website that feeds new opt-ins directly into your database.
  • Opt-in page for Facebook friends to opt-in your promotions and email list.
  • Inform followers of events raising money for your favorite non-profit, school sports, etc .
  • Inform your following when launching a community joint venture promotion.
  • Awesome Landing Pages for anything!
  • Social network sharing
  • No Auto-responder skill needed or set up –Plug & Play
  • Separates list for Customers & Marketing Prospects
  • One Low Monthly Price


BodyShopNation.com includes a template website package that will include 5 pages:


  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact 
  • Promo page.


Our websites are user friendly and loaded with features.


A fully functional website live on the internet within 24 hours or less.


  • The website will be found on our Search Directory.
  • A link to your body shop website will be included.
  • Websites are fully hosted, maintained, optimized and video ready.
  • Easily add photos of your body shop for recognition along with FAQ’s and certifications.
  • Add content such as staff and paint care tips to make your website a valuable resource for your customers.


Body Shop Nation is Making Collision Repair Choices Easy!


Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system solves the problem of keeping current customers engaged and pulling in new ones. And, who isn’t looking for new customers!


This on-demand system manages email lists, automates marketing activities, targets customer segments and provides analytical reporting.  It’s simple to use and requires no time consuming set up or computer knowledge.  Implement our business strategy using this system and become the shop they know and trust. You’ll be at the top of their minds when the word “accident” is mentioned!

In today’s world it’s all about the connected customer and building communities. Each customer will opt-in (keep it legal) to the one-click auto-responder system at the time of the estimate. The system will include pre-written emails along with auto text updates, providing a workhorse doing two jobs; service and marketing. From the estimate through the sale and beyond, this system will do all the work. This is a concept you’re going to absolutely be captivated by. The proverbial missing piece of the whole puzzle.

Influencing human behavior is what technology does best! We’ll show you a simple way to start influencing what your customer does by how you interact with them from the very moment you meet.

Our email system, along with the text updates, Website and Social Media package are all designed to do just that! Your interaction with your customer is KEY! Why not get a complete system, already setup, with all the tools!

Don’t worry too much about creating the letters or updates-WE ALREADY DID THAT!

The fortune is ALWAYS in the list…remember that! If you don’t have a customer list and live by it, your profits will suffer and you will no longer be in control of your own business.

These are YOUR customers and you CAN keep them for life. Use all the tools in our tool box and turn your customers into your biggest fans. Start increasing your Referral business today with impressive customer service and pro-active marketing!

Commit to an e-mail CRM system to collect your customers and prospects alike. Using this system you will be able to connect with them at any time for any reason.

“The new information technology—Internet and e-mail—have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications”. Peter Drucker

*The autoresponder system will abide by the current FTC regulations.


According to 2012 State of Industry Report 92% of Body Shops rely on word-of-mouth referrals.

People are into sharing today. We have designed a proprietary system to promote engagement from community collaboration.

By leveraging people and businesses in your community your shop will become known and trusted. Body shops can’t just set up a Facebook Fan Page and expect interaction.

Success in Social Media requires engagement that can only be generated by a proven system.

BSN will create and implement a unique viral fan converting social media strategy driving new prospects to your Facebook Fan page.

Once on your page, fans can click a single button entering your database without ever leaving Facebook.

Since all promotions are community driven, they will share it with family and friends. Your name will be viewed many times keeping you active and engaged with your community to become known and trusted.

Done for you solution to Social Media (except the Basic Plan):

• Set up entire promotion with local businesses

• Customized promotion landing pages & opt-in pages

• Tracking of results

• Let the fun begin!

Your shop will have far more control than any other competitor once you swoop in and claim the community.

Now that’s a profit generating branding plan!


The Promotions Page for your customized BodyShopNation.com website is the main engagement and interaction between you and your customers. We’ll provide the community “Business Strategy” to make your page a customer magnet.

Your collision shop is competing against giant household names with millions of dollars to spend. The silver lining here is you only need a small budget and the people within your own community to make this work.

We personalize the experience by partnering you up with local businesses. People love to influence others when it comes to helping out a friend after an accident. Once they are introduced to you through a business they already trust, it will make it easy to pass your information along.  As you continue to stay in front of your community, you will have the chance to educate them and gain their trust. You will become the shop to go to in your area.

Through the use of the CRM System offered in our package, you will be able to send a message when your promotion is going up to both your customers and your prospects. Using this system you can be sure they will go to your page and opt-in to win – then pass it on to their friends and family.

Social Media empowers people to become brand ambassadors. Allow them to do so by giving them a reason with a great joint venture promotion. Once you have enough of your own followers, you can give away fun Holiday gifts like downloadable children’s books. Give them a reason to visit your page. Fun always works!

One more thing; your rankings in Google will go through the roof!  Google recognizes Facebook in search results if there is a lot of interaction happening. Remember, organic traffic is KEY. This idea is so simple, and so easy to use, it will for sure be one of your favorite duties each month! Updating your PROMO page. The list is endless on what you do here.

Membership Forum

Tired of all the outsiders chiming with discussions not even close to resembling the issues and topics you care to discuss?


The Body Shop Nation Forum will only be available to shop owners and managers that are members of the BSN service to help foster relationships between shops.You will be able to “mastermind” with other body shops across the US in a forum to take advantage of other peoples ideas, knowledge, resources and relationships. Help each other with great marketing ideas or watch a webinar to brush up on some skills. We will be inviting some great minds to help us out. It will evolve as it grows.

The forum will be moderated by one of your own. Get together and talk openly, honestly and only with people in your industry that understand your market! To collaborate creatively with your industry will contribute to success for all and will be a byproduct of many contributions. It will allow all of you to be profitable, sustainable and desirable in the consumer’s eye.

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